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WICB to retain part of Airtel fee

marciadottin, [email protected]

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IN AN effort to help offset costs for the Caribbean World Twenty20, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) will retain one-third of the US$500 000 participation fee the regional governing body will get for sending a team to the Airtel Champions League.The WICB made the disclosure yesterday following a report in the Trinidad Guardian which said the WICB had requested the sum of money from the Guyana Cricket Board.In a release, the WICB said it would be paid a participation fee by the Champions League Twenty20 of US$500 000. This Participation Fee is for the WICB to nominate a team from the West Indies to participate in the tournament.“The WICB incurred costs of just over US$2million in staging the recently concluded Caribbean Twenty20 2010 tournament,” the WICB said in a statement.“Having borne such a significant cost to stage the Caribbean Twenty20 – from which the winners were nominated to participate in the Airtel Champions League – the WICB has decided to retain one-third of the US$500 000 to help in offsetting costs for hosting the Caribbean Twenty20 2010 tournament.” The WICB will give the remaining two-thirds to the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) as a result of the Guyana team emerging winners of the Caribbean Twenty20 2010 tournament and being nominated to represent the West Indies in the Airtel Champions League.“It is for the GCB and the Guyana players or their representative to agree how this two thirds of the participation fee is shared.” the WICB added. (HG/PR)