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Kaiso in his blood


Kaiso in his blood

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He is in the Crop-Over business for the long haul.Anderson Blood Armstrong always loved the stage, and he knew from early it was his place to be. And for 27 long years he has been at it.“I have been involved in singing all my life. I always loved to sing,” said the former choirboy.Blood started out singing in Anthony Gabby Carter’s First-Timers Tent. He then went on to the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest for two years, making the finals once.For him, “overall it was a good experience”.But the charming, youthful calypsonian, with a ready smile, who brings life to the event whenever he graces the stage, confessed that in his earlier days he was shy.“I was so shy, I used to walk from My Lords Hill to the Pine, and only see my shoes,” he said with a laugh.Now, Blood’s feet are on fire and he is burning with success – a drastic change from his teenage years.“The music brings out something in me. I get my energy from the music. It starts and I just let go. When I go on stage people can’t believe that it is the same person who was shy.”King that he is, after winning Party Monarch, Soca Royale and Tune Of The Crop for 2010, Blood believes that this is no time to slow down. This year, Blood produced 51 songs. Out of those, eight were for himself: six being party songs; and two, social commentaries. But the ratio of party songs to social commentaries does not mean any preference.“I enjoy performing each type. Of course, the party music is a little more relaxing because we do not have to really think about getting the lyrics right the same way each time. People just come to enjoy themselves. “Basically, it is what I call my happy music. You can let go all the stress and troubles in your life. It helps to release the tension,” he said, flashing a broad smile.Blood said his inspiration to write both types of song came from everyday life. “I get ideas from things that happen; things that do not happen; things that people say. An idea might just pop into your head and you might think that it could be a good song, or an interesting topic to think about. “I just go with it. If it develops into something, then I take it for the ride; if it doesn’t, I just throw it by the wayside.”And after having such a successful year, one would think that Blood would have some form of recipe for his success; but he said that he had none.“I just do what I love; and I respect the music. I just do it because I feel like a breath of fresh air every time I start working on a new song or a new track.”He said he had a feeling that 2010 was going to be his year.“I went in there and made the music I love; and I did it and hoped for the best, because those same songs could have come out at another time or another place and people might not have wanted to hear them,” he added.But the music industry has not been without its ups and downs for Blood.   “There have been some good times and there have been some bad times. Everything that I own and everything that I have made have come through music.”But the songwriter, entertainer, musician and producer has some words of advice for youngsters trying to make it in the entertainment industry.“Go for it, but do it for the right reasons. Yes, we all want to make money from it; but love it, respect it, and it will show you that love back eventually. “Do not expect to shoot to the top the first time around. Work hard, work steadily and work smart.”