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ALTAR CALL – Sisters with a purpose

Cheryl Harewood

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They came from far and near to be part of the discussion on How To Love With Your Clothes On, presented by Sisters of Purpose Ministries.The location was the Halls Road Church of the Nazarene, St Michael, and the target audience was the youth. Evangelist Suann Corbin, president and founder of Sisters of Purpose Ministries, explained that the only love some young women knew was to take their clothes off and through God she learnt how to love with her clothes on. She explained that “the source of love is God, whose love is different from human love and is unconditional”.As the discussion started, Evangelist Arlette Watson encouraged the youth to love God first in their lives and receive many benefits, such as everlasting life and peace. I Am More Than What Meets The Eye was delivered by Debra-Ann Eversley, who stressed that physical beauty does not last forever and therefore one should focus on developing inner qualities, remembering that God does not see as man sees. Most questions were directed towards Minister Ruth Hinds, a professional counsellor and guidance counsellor. She spoke on Learning To Love Yourself, and emphasised that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. She pointed out that loving one’s self was a choice, and encouraged the youth to list the positives in their lives, and declare them daily.The only male in the group was Delwin Went, who shared Respect Your Body As A Temple, meaning one should treat his or her body as a place of worship.The question-and-answer segment was intense, with perspectives such as “since nobody is buying a pig in a bag, that is grounds for sex before marriage”.Went’s reply was: “what guarantee do you have that that person will stay after getting what he/she wanted?”  Hinds said that “sex is the most wonderful thing after salvation but should be reserved for marriage, as fornication is the only sin against one’s body”. She also answered with “take hands off God’s property; it’s not yours yet”.
The issue of homosexuality was raised and Hinds explained that in her experience such cases were always rooted in some form of sexual abuse which led to warped images of oneself. She explained, however, that although “God hates sin, He loves mankind and wants mankind to come to Him” in order to be changed.Inner beautyFinally, the youth were instructed to lay hands on their sex organs and ask God to give them control.They were also told that inner beauty lasts forever, and were told to look in the mirror daily and say: “God loves me. I love God. Help me to love myself. Please forgive me for past sins and help me to love myself how you love me.” They were told to realise their essential value.Corbin told the youth: “You are special and there will never be another one like you. You’re worth more than 15 minutes, and if your clothes have already come off, God can make you pure again.”Symphony of Praise Dance Ministry brought a fitting end to the session as they danced to God Is Here. Many hearts were seemingly touched as people were encouraged to lay down their burdens. This they did during a seasonof prayer. A special “thank you” was extended to senior pastor Rev. Ricky Kirton, assistant pastor Karen Henry and Hinds for their participation.