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HEALING HERBS – Eat right, preserve lives

Annette Maynard-Watson

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Greetings!It is written in the ancient wisdom collection: “That thou doest, do quickly.” I relate this wisdom text to diabetics, who in essence, must hurry and do what they have to do if lives and limbs are to be preserved.In retrospect, while studying food and nutrition, as a component, I conducted intense research on diabetes and received a Grade One from the examining body. Linked to that is my passion to share love about Barbadian ‘silent doctors’.Remember, our bodies respond to ‘silent doctors’ even at a cellular level. During this reflectionary season of Emancipation, I shall focus on liberation pertaining to diabetes, acid reflux, sexual health and high blood pressure.We must uproot from our consciousness that being a diabetic is part of our divinity. Therefore, it is disrespectful to continually repeat “ma sugar high and I ain’t kay wa dey hell da say, I gine continue to eat nuff sweet things”.  We must stop uttering this nonsense because diabetes has proven to be extremely dangerous. Moreover, stop supporting diabetes in the body through unholistic practices and the exhaustive consumption of sweet and starchy foods.Instead, awake from that deep comatose state and display more care for the body. In fact, sweet foods have a pH which is more acidic and less alkaline.We are warned in Ecclesiastes 10:17 “Eat in due season, for strength, and not for drunkenness.” Besides, in the beginning, our Creator provided through nature ‘silent doctors’ for nourishment and food and our African ancestors ate in obedience. We too must live the truth and avoid cakes, sweet breads, sugar coated and other processed hazardous ‘junk’ foods.Moreover, our Creator provides ‘bitter herbs’, for they will bring balance. Additionally, water, a good tonic and detoxifier, does not taste sweet and so we scoff at it. Instead we prefer sweet drinks.However, remember, sweet drinks can’t be ranked with the ‘silent doctors’ including water, bush tea, tamarinds, turmeric, sweet potatoes, fruit, rice bitters and vegetables. We must definitely liberate our minds from unholistic foods; besides, over dosing on ‘sugar’ is truly mashing us up.We must hurry and do what we have to do. What is it that we have to do? (1) Ask our Creator to liberate our minds and remove the adverse thoughts of ‘sweetness’ deeply ingrained.  (2). Create and train ‘diabetic counsellors’ for deep psychological assistance. (3) Have a more positive attitude towards bitter ‘silent doctors’. (4). Stop following friends who encourage indulgence in sweet foods regularly, instead stand out as a leader. (5) Exercise regularly and follow holistic programmes.  (6) Research acid and alkaline foods in more detail. (7) Discourage our youth from becoming diabetics by educating and nourishing them holistically.Heed these suggestions and make a difference to avoid amputations and other diabetic complications.Finally, remember these words, “Before Abraham was I am.”• Next week I will focus on diabetic care using ‘silent doctors’.