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Broken hearted friend a worry

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
Greetings in the name of the Father, and a blessed day to you. I come to you on behalf of a friend, a very close one.This person was seeing a married man for well over 16 years with a little break-up here and there. If you saw them out in public you wouldn’t think he was a married man, with a wife and children at home.This is what’s happening now, the man was seen making a move with someone else – someone my friend had suspected long ago that he was friendly with. She asked him about it but he never had anything to say. But what has my friend so upset is that he has now left her and has given no reason.And guess what? He is now moving around with this same person that he has denied all along; he runs errands for her, drops her to work, and can be seen at a certain place more often than ever.  My friend would like to know what happened and where all the trust and love that was shared between them has gone?I told her not to worry, what goes around comes around. She seems so worried that she would not even leave home. We used to hang out some evenings or go walking, but nothing so now; she is so withdrawn. I am scared what might happen to her.
– Good Friend Dear Good Friend,What goes around does come around. The same way she was with another woman’s husband and depriving that woman of his company, now she is getting that same treatment. And it hurts, doesn’t it?The reality is that this man is a cheat who does not respect his wife; so why did your friend think that he would respect her too?Your friend needs to realise that when you start wrong you tend to end wrong. She was involved with a married man and that was not right!Your friend needs to learn from this mistake, put it behind her and move on. There are a lot of lonely men out there seeking good women, and based on what you said she is a warm, loving person. All the best.
– Christine