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Teens grow with LIME Learning


Teens grow with  LIME Learning

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by Hallam HopeTHE SEEDS ARE being sown for a new cadre of young entrepreneurs. For the second year, the Community Development Department is coordinating its Information Technology Summer Teens (ITS) programme, a free training project.  Students at eight Resource Centres have started a six-week course of training in technology and business development with full financing from LIME. The title of this year’s programme is LIME Learning.  In addition to mastering computer skills such as Web-page design and computer repair, the students will be taught interpersonal and communication skills and business concepts which will focus on the process of becoming an entrepreneur. The focus on entrepreneurship is an expansion from last year.
Acting Chief Community Development Officer Sonia Hamblin lauded LIME for making the programme possible. “We are keen on this programme. It is an area the children love and therefore we want to give them the opportunity to explore more advanced areas of the technology,” she said at a recent opening ceremony at the St Christopher Resource Centre.  LIME’s involvement is in keeping with its Connect Barbados programme, which involves providing communication technology and access to libraries, community centres, children’s homes, the Barbados Community College, and the National Disabilities Unit.  LIME’s regulatory specialist Juliet Best-Brathwaite said the company was very proud to sponsor the programme. “We hope that maximum use will be made of the programme,” she remarked. Best-Brathwaite told the students that fun was an important part of ITS for Teens, a point made by several other speakers.
Alex Daniel gave a brief motivational speech which stressed the importance of consistency, discipline and concentration. He said that habits are important in preparing for life, noting the value of a positive and good attitude.  One student will win a laptop and there will be other interesting prizes at the end of the programme. Eight Community Resource Centres are involved: St Christopher, Briar Hall, Rices, Bonnetts, Deacon’s, Grazettes, Speightstown, and Weston.