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GUEST COLUMN: Set good example for the children

George Griffith

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AFTER WHAT has been generally accepted as a successful Crop-Over season, now is as good a time as any to raise some concerns with respect to the Junior Calypso Monarch competition in Barbados.
Parents, teachers and the public at large have been expressing much concern about reports of inappropriate sexual activity among school children.
These reports suggest that children possess a level of familiarity with sexual activity which is way beyond their years.
It goes without saying that there is a role for the home, school, church and society at large in any attempt to protect our nation’s children especially in their most formative years of development from premature sexual activity.
After viewing media coverage of the juniors during the recently concluded Crop-Over season I feel compelled to question the naked contradiction which exists today in what we say with respect to our children and what we actually do and encourage.
Guidance If we are sincere about treating our children as children and ensuring that they are not rushed through childhood, we have a duty to ensure that we guide them accordingly and that we do not either implicitly or explicitly expose or encourage them to premature adult sexual behaviour.  
Here is the point: “wucking up” is seen by some as an assimilation of the sex act and we all agree that sexual intercourse is an adult activity. 
If this is so, how come we are permitting children to sing about “wucking up” in their competition pieces and “wukking up” as part of their on stage performance in the Junior Monarch competition.
We should and must set a national standard for our school age children.
(a) The rules/regulations should prohibit any reference to “wukking up” in the songs of the competition, and
(b) “Wukking up” should not be allowed by them in any performance.  This should be enforced across the entire school system if we are to minimise, if not eradicate the double standard which now exists. 
The nation’s children deserve not only good examples but effective leadership in these matters as well.
I hope that we are able to muster courage sufficient for the introduction of these important changes.