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One of God’s precious jewels

Cheryl Harewood

One of God’s precious jewels

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AT NINE years old, Jewel Wills is just what her name states – a precious jewel, who loves Jesus so much that she just enjoys dancing for His honour and glory.“I love dancing. I love to worship God in dance, and dancing is my favourite thing. Dancing has changed my life, and I love to dance while telling God what’s on my mind. There are times when things do not run through my mind when I am dancing. I just flow with the music and praise my God.”These are powerful confessions of young Jewel, who stated: “I’ve been a Christian from the time I came out of my mother’s belly.“I accepted Jesus when I was around four or five,” Jewel, a member of Restoration Ministries and the church’s Kairos Academy dance group, told Thursday’s Child.Jewel, born in Guyana and presently a student of Bay Primary School, was spotted last week praising her God and dancing in His presence at the Seventh Annual Eagle’s Eye International Apostolic Prophetic Conference, which was held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.She was the youngest among the lead dancers, who took their place in front the congregation and worshipped throughout the almost two-hour long worship session.Jewel is a young choreographer who enjoys choreographing her own dance moves. That apart, when it comes to dancing nothing satisfies more than dancing to Giants and Clap Your Hands, two militant worship songs that speak of victory.“These are my favourite songs. Every time I go to church I love to dance,” confessed Jewel, the daughter of Simone and Frankie Wills.Jewel has learned quite a bit from her older sister, who is also a dance leader at Restoration Ministries, but has “a made-up mind” as to who her favourite artistes are.They are none other than Jason Mighty and Stichie, both known for their uptempo music.                                                       Outside of dancing, into which she puts her body and soul, Jewel enjoys mathematics, which she refers to as her favourite subject. And while table tennis and netball are her two top hobbies, she is passionate about designing.“I would like to be a professional worship dancer someday and, when I really grow up, to be a fashion designer. I love designing clothes, and actually designed a shirt last year. However, I did not have a measuring tape at the time and the shirt could not fit me.” She loves to sink her teeth in macaroni and baked chicken, is a lover of macaroni and cheese, but does not like macaroni pie. Above all, her deepest love remains her love for God.Not one to offer advice too quickly, Jewel, however, has a word for young people.“I would like to tell young people not to stop worshipping God, but to keep worshipping and worshipping Him.”This young soldier in God’s army is certainly focused, and Jewel looks forward to that day when she can take her worship outside Barbados and onto the international stage for all and sundry to see her love for Jesus.