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PUDDING & SOUSE: Grass roots wedding

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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SOME GUESTS who recently attended a wedding at a posh establishment want to know how management could allow such low-class behaviour to be exhibited by some of those who attended.First of all, the music was loud and mainly from the rapping genre with all the explicit foul words being played. Then as the evening wore on, some guests had to hold their noses from the strange odour coming from the big cigars that some unruly men were smoking.But worst yet, all hell broke loose when supplies of a popular liquor ran out and the bad men started to kick up a ruckus. The poor supervisors stood haplessly by unable to regain order.Several guests walked out, saying they did not expect that a ghetto wedding would have taken place at this fine place which brags about its quality treatment.But staff, who were constantly harassed and even cussed out by some guests, want to know who in management will take responsibility for this affair since it was not an exceptionally memorable experience.Choking on sugarA SUGAR DADDY from St Michael found himself between a rock and a hard place with the two women in his life.Apparently, he invited his sweetie from the east to come over to his house for some fun but when he got home he did not check to see if she was there – and did not know that she was actually upstairs waiting for him in his bed.He phoned his red thing from a central parish and started to make arrangements to take her out that same night, unaware that his eastern parish baby had come down the stairs and was listening to the conversation. She also overheard him telling the central parish lass all of the sweet things that he usually tells her. She flew into a rage and confronted him, and a big bassa bassa broke out.Miss Red Thing had the gall to call back at the house asking lover boy what time he was picking her up. Band out in the coldTHE BIG SHOW is over but it seems that everyone is singing the blues.The talk on the town is about the band which recently lost a big contract on the hotel circuit.People want to know if the band is not being allowed to play because too many locals, a.k.a riff-raff, were trotting into the establishment much to the discomfort of their high-paying guests.It seems that many guests did not like the idea of mingling with any and everyone. Leaving troubles behindA CERTAIN MAN who has been under the radar for a few weeks now has left these shores to tie the knot, and word is that he bragged that he would be coming back.   From all reports, his new wifey is the only thing he really cares about.Does this mean that he will not have to face the music anymore? And what about his investment here – has he jumped ship now that he is set to be financially exposed?Smells like troubleIT IS ABOUT to get very nasty at a certain place where dirty work is the order of the day.Despite the recent bragging from management about how well they and their staff were getting along, it seems that staff members do not share the same sentiments.And even though a number of them have been given security of tenure there are still a number of outstanding matters which have staff very aggrieved.