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HEALING HERBS – Healthy lifestyle best for diabetic

Annette Maynard-Watson

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Friends, ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears! I come to spread excellent information about the authentic power of the “silent doctors” and to discourage diabetics from continually consuming enormous amounts of “tricked and perverted” foods.  Likewise, I write not to tell you what the statistics are revealing about diabetics. Instead, I write about what I know. Most Barbadians adore sugar, and not without a cause. However, what cause have you to consume immeasurable amounts of junk, fast, oily, salty and sweet foods, dairy products, red meats, tricked and perverted foods, reduced amounts of water, coupled with no exercise, then mourn when you develop serious health challenges? Oh! Creator, why have we lost reason? I pause to mourn with you, but I have to come out of mourning and strongly advise that you stop living and thinking unholistically if we are to conquer diabetes in this country.Indeed, “silent doctors” are on call 24 hours a day. Research indicates that we must be aware of the necessity to regularly cleanse our blood of impurities. Hence, I use blood root, cerasee and soursop leaf teas.Meanwhile, diabetics must consciously realise that continually repeating that they cannot get their “sugar” controlled etches it into the subconscious mind. Instead, it is better to say “I am going to conquer diabetes because I have a divine right to be comfortable on earth”. Or “I am going to live more holistically and heal my body and mind”.Thus, “silent doctors” to consider are liquid tea infusions or coconut water blended with tamarinds, golden apples, ginger or watermelon. I also advise you to understand and create a personal chart of acid and alkaline foods. Acidity in the body and negative thoughts are ranked as factors that can cause the body to be unwell.Likewise, to avoid journeying the feet to amputations, we need to re-discover whose image we are created in. Secondly, research what prompted His Excellency Errol Walton Barrow to state that “he hoped to see the day when Barbados does not grow one blade of sugar cane”. “Silent doctors” like tumeric, crushed linseeds, nonie leaves and Christmas bush are excellent for external diabetic foot care. Likewise, cayenne pepper, wonder world and blue vervain are remedies for poor circulation. A pomegranate or a cup of properly combined blended “silent doctors”, coupled with a very holistic lifestyle, can help keep amputations at bay.In fact, for diabetics recuperating in any institution, emphasis must be placed on re-education as well as food quality and quantity.Finally, in the words of Mark Anthony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “Now let it work…take thou what course thou wilt.”