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Leave Lashley alone!

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Leave Lashley alone!

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Let Minister of Housing and Lands Michael Lashley do his work.The appeal came earlier from Minister of Education, Ronald Jones who wants the Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley to be left alone to find more houses for poor people.“It is unfortunate, that in the last few weeks, we’ve had speculation regarding projects,” Jones said. “There is no desire on the part of the NHC or contractors to rip off people who want affordable housing. He said that even though Rice-Bowen had made public her parting with the NHC, no other board member had been heard regarding the way Lashley acted as minister, when it came to the awarding of contracts.Jones says that had the Prime Minister been concerned with the way Lashley was doing the people’s business, he (the Prime Minister) would surely have made the minister put at his disposal all documents regarding housing contracts, so as to rule out any alleged corruption.Jones’ comments were made in the House of Assembly.