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10-MINUTE MANAGER: Strategic partner

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10-MINUTE MANAGER: Strategic partner

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Q: Are you where you have always wanted to be?A: I believe I am where I was supposed to end up. Initially I was convinced that medicine was my calling, and even tailored my studies to suit. I had a wonderful mentor who showed me the importance of matching my personality and interests to the requirements of a particular field, and human resources was a much better fit.I thank her whenever I see her.
Q: What is your biggest professional challenge?A: As a manager, generally, but especially in my chosen field, the challenge will always be keeping people motivated and balancing the interests of employees with those of the company.This is not impossible, but it requires constant work and real interest to stay on top of both.  
Q: What are your greatest life challenges?A: Making enough time in a day to balance my professional obligations with my personal ones. As a professional, you are committed to your job and responsibilities, but your success is also dependent on how good you are at ensuring you find time to “switch off” and rejuvenate and take time out for yourself. I work every day at maintaining a good balance.
Q: When you look to the future, what do you see?A: I hope to always represent positive values and accomplishments personally, and professionally I expect to see the human resources function further recognised as a strategic partner to our local businesses – not just “paper-pushers” but also operational advisors. I am happily seeing more and more examples of this in practice, such as the GEL Group, and I believe it will become increasingly necessary and prevalent.      
Q: What is your favourite pastime?A: Anything that involves music or food! I love concerts and shows, listening to music generally, dancing, dining out, and a good book in my quiet moments is never out of place.
Q: What is your favourite meal?A: My gym will cringe when I say this, but french fries are an absolute weakness of mine, as are pastries. Other than that I love a good juicy steak or extra spicy barbecue jerk pork with basmati rice and a glass of red wine.  
Q: On Saturday nights where are you likely to be?A: Dining out or spending time with friends over a casual meal at home – food is a constant feature!
Q: What upsets you the most?A: People who are insincere or who either disrespect themselves or others. People who are unmotivated personally and professionally. Bad drivers who are unaware of the chaos they are causing on the roads.  
Q: What is your guiding philosophy?A: I try to immerse myself in whatever environment I am in, whether that is a new work environment or a new social situation. I use it as an opportunity to learn and grow, and be better able to give opinions from a position of knowledge and experience rather than just from personal feeling.  Q: If you had a chance to run Barbados for a day, what would you do?A: In that short space of time, my focus would be on using regional and international examples to explore other sponsorship options to push our Jazz Festival further. I feel there is such untapped opportunity there.I would introduce policy to more closely monitor our ZR drivers and have heavier penalties for breaking the law and endangering lives. I would also introduce heavy fines for men who insist on open, public urination all over our beautiful country.