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Security concern of SSA workers


Security concern of SSA workers

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INDUSTRIAL action is on hold but security risks that include uncovering drugs left in garbage cans remain among the concerns that Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) workers are grappling with.Acting deputy general secretary of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), Roslyn Smith, said the union expected to hear today from the SSA management in response to their proposals, but they were “90 per cent” on the way to reaching an amicable solution, with there being only one point the parties disagreed on.Smith said workers were upset about supercession and the poor state and limited number of operational trucks, and were also quite concerned about security risks.“Many workers confront drugs hidden in garbage cans. When workers make some of their early pickups, they are warned to stay away from certain cans. That is a dangerous situation and something that has to be looked at. It’s the kind of thing that SSA workers have to deal with,” she said.Smith wants Government to purchase a new fleet of trucks rather than incurring exorbitant costs in conducting repairs.“Why should someone, for example, spend $25 000 on repairing a vehicle when you can purchase one for $20 000. Money should be channelled into getting new trucks,” she said.Smith said that workers were unhappy with a departure from an arrangement in which the SSA was obligated to have a phased-in arrangement of purchasing two trucks annually.According to her, the Minister of the Environment had embraced an arrangement for repairing the broken down trucks.“The union is arguing that the maintenance cost on some of the trucks is not worth it. Some of them are too old and it is like pouring water into the sea at taxpayers’ expense.”Smith said the NUPW was concerned that the shortage of fully functional trucks at the SSA had placed undue burden on workers of the authority in their attempt to maintain an efficient level of daily garbage collection.According to the union, about 18 trucks out of a fleet of 30 were broken down, resulting in the remaining trucks being further overworked.