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Council for pest control

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The Christ Church East Central Constituency Council is seeking to implement a Comprehensive Environmental Health Assessment Programme aimed at controlling the Aedes aegypti mosquito and rodents within that constituency.  The council has enlisted the help of the Environmental Protection Department of the Ministry of Health. Chief Public Health Officer Tyrone Applewhite proposed that the council embark on a comprehensive walk-through assessment to identify all the environmental health issues.In addition, he suggested they compile a long report on what was found, then a short report on how many overgrown lots, derelict cars and illegal dumping areas were identified. The short report would be distributed to all persons living in the area to be discussed at a community forum.Education neededApplewhite added: “We normally get heavy rain in October, but the rainy season started early this year and, given the considerable amount of rainfall, there could be potential for serious problems.” He highlighted the need for training and education, saying it was critical to help others understand and take action.   “I am asking the public to spend about five to ten minutes per day doing an inspection of their property. Check plant saucers, guttering, dog and pet pans, and underground and above-ground water tanks. When you have a lot of mosquitoes around your house, it is likely that the breeding is on your property,” Applewhite said.The Vector Control Unit launched a nationwide quiz to teach children about the control of mosquitoes and rodents. Applewhite sees this as a very necessary programme because if you give the information to children when they are young, it will remain with them for a lifetime.The unit has also embarked on a programme to educate 10 000 persons in vector control. The unit has managed to educate 8 200 persons within the last year and hopes to train at least one person in each household and one person in each school. (LK)