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Football body needs to share financial details


Football body needs to share financial details

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IT APPEARS TO ME that the president of the Barbados Football Association (BFA), Ronald Jones, gets terribly annoyed whenever certain members of the football fraternity question the running of the BFA, especially on money matters.

His statements, as reported in the WEEKEND NATION of Friday, July 30, characterise these members as “detractors” and those who repeatedly “dispel malicious stupidities”.

A few questions As president of a member club, I wish to ask the BFA:

a) Did FIFA pay the passage fee and stipends for all three or two BFA officers who went to 2010 World Cup in South Africa?

b) Did the BFA collect $6.5 million from FIFA alone during the last 12 years?

c) Why did Banks Brewery withdraw its football sponsorship this year?

d) Why is there no longer the administrative officer of the BFA?

e) Was there a general secretary who refused to sign a FIFA document which showed how FIFA funds were spent? Was that same document sent to FIFA?

f) Does the BFA present an item by item account of its finances in its annual report so that members can clearly see how much was spent and/or collected?

g) What is an amateur player paying the BFA $100 for, or to do, when he wants a transfer?

h) How much was collected from transfers last year?

i) Does the BFA pay the sponsors’ money to winning clubs at the end of the football season or in late January or February of the next year after the collection of club registration fees, members’ fees and transfer fees?

j) Does the Barbados Olympic Association still offer a grant each year?

k) Was there in 2004 an architect drawing of the Wildey’s Goal Project? If so, what was the cost?

l) Is the US$250 000, FIFA additional funds, given now to the BFA to help start Phase 1 of the Goal Project?

n) Did FIFA give the BFA grants for Phases 1 to 4 for their goal project already?