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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Nothing but a crying shame

marciadottin, [email protected]

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An elderly woman is now sleeping under a cellar, the legacy of a mental breakdown.And all because a certain politico did not do the right thing.Cou Cou has learnt that because of a particular situation surrounding land – which she lost – the woman was forced into a gully area with her possessions.And now while the person makes money and drinks brandy, the family of the woman can only wring their hands in anguish and anger.Hopefully, another person can bring her some relief.Licks like peasA CERTAIN LEGAL name could be dragged through the mud and left with a very black mark if the husband of a certain woman spills the beans.It appears that the man of letters and the woman were doing things with each other that she wasn’t doing with the husband, and the latter found out.If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, then there is no appeasement for a man horned. The man flogged the woman as soon as she came home and he discovered specific tell-tale signs on her clothing.The parties will soon have their day to tell all, but the worry is the office stands to be ridiculed when the proverbial doo-doo hits the public fan.Balaam and the jackassIT is always a problem to have a square peg in a round hole, but a certain place has somehow conspired to have two square pegs in the same hole.While one has a problem generally whenever he opens his mouth, the other, because of a family connection, believes he is God’s gift to erudition.But in truth, many at the workplace where the “bright” one is actually based, have been trying hard for over a year to determine who is Balaam and who is the jackass.A number of questionable things have been occurring at the site and to their employees, ranging from hasty retreats and complete shut-outs, to blows and lame efforts at damage control.And in the midst of all the tomfoolery, the two men’s ultimate employer stands to look bad in the eyes of onlookers.Some are saying that one idiot on plant is bad enough, but having two is asking for a disaster.Monetary medicineA CERTAIN INDIVIDUAL who is not political but whose situation could become very political, is smiling as the hubbub rumbles on around him.Cou Cou was reliably informed that he has just completed a $750 000 house with pocket change from his small bank account.Seems that his mode of work, which is completely legal, has paid great dividends at two offices – theirs and his.Friends say that if he could spend as much time at their office, as he spends at his own office, everybody would be happy.The voice of GodSome at an important institution are praising the strength and leadership of two individuals.Indeed, they are saying that if the institution had this firm leadership before, a lot of the mess that now exists would not have been allowed to pile up.One long-time employee at the location suggested that while one of the individuals might temper his forthrightness because of his calling, the other who was virtually his boss, was prepared to weigh into any obstacle for the benefit of all concerned.But the main plus is that their battle will be won since the the voice of the people, is the voice of God.Days numberedSEEMS like a certain individual was more froth than beer and his employer has finally discovered that he is simply out of his depth. Word is that he will soon follow another through the door, even if under different circumstances.