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PUDDING & SOUSE – Employees at a big loss

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EMPLOYEES at a certain hotel want to know who will compensate them for all the possessions they lost when a thief casually walked onto the hotel’s premises and raided their lockers.Apparently, the lone guard on duty was patrolling the beach when the incident occurred.But cameras show the thief parking his bicycle by the guard hut, making his way to the top floor of the hotel, where he then went into the ladies’ locker room, closed the curtain behind him, broke off all the locks, put all the bags in a big, black garbage bag he was carrying and walked back to his bicycle with the bag thrown over his shoulder like Santa Claus.Money, keys, cellular phones and other possessions were among the loot that the thief got away with.Angry employees now want to know if management will change its system of having only one guard on duty during the shifts.‘Clown’ at a weddingRESIDENTS of St John were laughing at the ridiculous outfit that a certain woman wore to a wedding recently.They say that the woman, who likes to brag about her relationship with the son of a politician, would have been better off wearing her khaki uniform to the wedding since she ended up looking like a clown.Even though she is known for looking very untidy, she could have cleaned up her act for this big occasion, or she could have borrowed an outfit from the store owner, whom she forced her brother to marry, since she is always dressing in her second clothes and shoes.Hubby a gold diggerIt is time that a certain woman realises that her husband is nothing but a gold digger.He is walking around telling everyone that he only married outside of his race because his wife is loaded with money, but he cannot really stand the sight of her. As a matter of fact, while he is driving around the big fancy car which she gave him as a gift, he has used her money to buy a car for his outside woman.Her family apparently warned her about this slick lover boy and did not even come to Barbados to attend the wedding. They obviously knew that he would take her for a long ride and then leave her high and dry.Womaniser strikes againWorkers at an institution want to warn a well-dressed, good-looking and mannerly woman to keep away from a co-worker because everyone is now saying she is sleeping with him.They are hoping that this is not true since many of the men tried and failed to get this woman to even look in their direction. But this man, who is known as a big womaniser and has had several affairs with many of the women who work there, is telling everyone that he has hit the jackpot.The man, who is well known in the sports arena, also loves to brag about what a good lover he is and how he makes women “bewitched behind him”.Staff are hoping that this poor woman has not become his latest victim.Not a guard of honourFRIENDS of a certain security guard who celebrated his 50th birthday this year, are wondering when he will come to his senses.Apparently, for the past five years he has been having a relationship with a woman from another country, who has her own family in her homeland.His friends at the bar where he often hangs out are wondering who his dancing partner will be on weekends, now that his brown-skinned sweetheart has left him once again to return overseas. And they want to know if, now that there is a bun in the oven, she will finally give up her life over there and move here to live with him in the house she bought.It seems that he has become tired of this long-distance affair, but his friends know that every three months he loves to be seen in her company and driving around in her black car.