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In need of a moral code


In need of a moral code

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A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO, your newspaper published a two-page spread of pictures, captioned The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Next year and the following years, you will probably do the same type of pictures with different people.

Simply put, no one is willing to do anything concerning the moral standards of Barbados which is exacerbated by the bands on Kadooment Day.

What is required is a “moral code”. That is a dress code and a conduct code.

Principal of the Garrison Secondary, Matthew Farley, together with a few dedicated teachers, could probably enforce a dress code.

The conduct code would have to be enforced by the bands themselves and the organisers of Crop-Over.

After all, it would appear that the bands are unable to regulate themselves. Barbadians of all classes come out to enjoy themselves on Kadooment Day.

It only takes a few to destroy the image of that enjoyment. Enjoy but do not destroy.