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Waithe’s new book a workers’ guide

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Waithe’s new book a workers’ guide

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As Neilson Waithe continues his mission to educate people about various workplace practices in the Caribbean, he prepares to launch his latest work: a book titled Understanding The Caribbean Worker – Service, Sensitivity And Culture.Waithe said the book, which will be launched on Thursday at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, addresses issues ranging from Caribbean history, culture, religion, sports and academics.“It deals with the Caribbean worker and some of the issues in terms of historical, cultural and some service-oriented issues and I share my views in terms of how people can improve service. Both people who receive and those who give service.“It also looks at some issues with the public and private sector. I look at international companies and Caribbean companies. I look at the customer service and I spend a lot of time in terms of sensitivity and cultural issues which impact on service and how people give service. The whole cultural aspect as to how we celebrate,” said Waithe.Waithe has travelled to various countries in the region and has lived in Antigua and Jamaica for some time. He is a counsellor and an ordained minister.This Caribbean man said publishing his latest book was his contribution to helping people worldwide to understand the issues that a Caribbean worker would face.He has published several books, including Caribbean Sexuality, which is being updated; Family Relationships, Managing Anger, Caribbean People In Love, which is a book  for couples; When One Door Closes and Starting A New Business – Mental And Emotional Preparation.He said he got his motivation for writing his latest book based on the complaints he heard from workers around the region.“It is my attempt in improving the workplace in building a better relationship with managers and workers and business owners and their workers. “I am a Caribbean person and I want to see the workplace improved. I want to see businesses improve in the way they treat their employees and I want to see workers give more in terms of productivity,” shared Waithe.He said he believed his latest book had come at a good time.During the launch there will be a panel discussion on the topic The worker And The Workplace In Barbados – What Do We Need To Improve? in which the public will be allowed to take part. The book should be in bookstores locally and throughout the Caribbean after it’s official launch.