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10-MINUTE MANAGER: Man for all seasons

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10-MINUTE MANAGER: Man for all seasons

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Are you where you’ve always wanted to be?Yes, I have always had a passion for financial management – this is the only career path I have pursued. Now I am with a company and a team that allows me to express my creative management skills to the benefit of the organisation as a whole.What is your biggest professional challenge?Giving adequate consideration to both my company’s goals and objectives, and the fulfilment of the goals, dreams and professional aspirations of my employees and colleagues. Though the two might at times be divergent, they must both be considered equally.What is your biggest life challenge?Striking the delicate balance between work, family and my relationship with God, ensuring the latter is prioritised without alienating the former two. I must also be careful to avoid selfishly pursuing my own personal agenda to the detriment of any of the three.When you look to the future, what do you see?I see a professional landscape that recognises that an accountant is not just a number cruncher but a financial advisor to the business.The real value of financial managers is not the periodic presentation of financial statements but the interpretation of those statements to help business function better and more efficiently, and too many still do not appreciate that.What is your favourite pastime?Spending as much time with my wife and children as possible – family is very important, and I live for the time that I spend with them.What is your favourite meal?The one-pound roti with beef, channa and pumpkin – delish.
On Saturday nights where are you likely to be?At home with family or possibly with friends liming at someone’s house.What upsets you the most?People who do not seek to reach their full potential. Those who do not take the time to know themselves, develop a realistic and independent view of what they are capable of (not accepting the limitation others place on them) and not allowing any obstacle to impede achievement of their best – with God all things are possible.What is your guiding philosophy?Love God with all my heart, all my mind and all my strength; honour my wife; and love and discipline my children – everything I achieve in life flows from the achievement of all three of these things.If you had a chance to manage Barbados for a day, what would you do?I would move Barbados back towards strong family values.Most of society’s ills can be traced to the deterioration of the family in one form or another – fathers absent from the home both physically and emotionally; children having children.We need to get God back into the homes; church must move from the pulpit on Sundays to be operational in each member’s life at home, work and at play every day.I would establish a national campaign of parenting education and family values involving the church, youth groups and community activities centred around the understanding that we will only continue to see a collapse of societal values if we do not urgently change the way family operates in our homes today.I would also institute a programme where the parents of all juvenile offenders are required to participate in parenting counselling for the duration of the child’s sentence.