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Same-sex adoption form of child abuse


Same-sex adoption form of child abuse

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I WISH to express my disappointment with Mexico’s Supreme Court for upholding a Mexico City law allowing adoptions by same-sex couples.

This is a totalitarian, anti-religious trend that has already forced all Catholic adoption agencies in England and Wales to cease providing charitable services.

The law is a form of child abuse.Homosexuality is abnormal, immoral and anti-life.

It is not innate as some believe.

The so-called “gay gene” has never been found. Scientific studies have also proven that homosexuality is linked to paedophilia.

For example, a 1992 study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that homosexual men are three times more likely than straight men to engage in paedophilia.

A 1988 study of 229 convicted child molesters published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that 86 per cent of paedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.

Dr Richard Fitzgibbons, a United States psychiatrist with vast experience in treating priests with paedophilia, has stated: “Every priest whom I treated who was involved with children sexually had previously been involved in adult homosexual relationships.”

Dr Michelle Cretella, a board member of the American College of Paediatricians, also concluded from multiple studies that children reared by gay couples have gender confusion and are put at high risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

Cretella noted that homosexually behaving teens and young adults suffer increased rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions and suicidal thoughts.

In addition, boys who adopt a homosexual lifestyle because of the influence of their same-sex parents face a 30 per cent chance of being dead or HIV-positive by the age of 30.

At the core we are dealing here, not with loving couples but with homosexuality and the destruction of the family unit – the fundamental cell of society.