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Trading national pride for profit


Trading national pride for profit

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REMEMBER the extract from our National Anthem “our brave forefathers sowed the seeds from which our pride is sprung”.

That phrase should remain with us throughout life. We should not only be proud Barbadians on the last day of November but we should walk with pride every day of the year.

We should respect our own sports men and women who are out there sacrificing with blood, sweat and tears for our country.

These are the people who directly and indirectly advertise our products and services. We should cherish and motivate them, not demoralise them.

The management models practised in some of these private sector agencies are extremely autocratic in this modern world.

It is sad to see sports personalities being victimised or have their jobs allegedly terminated for representing our country.

Imagine, most athletes have to encounter and overcome many obstacles to qualify to be a national sports personality.

Some of them even encounter a more difficult task prior and during competition from the external pressures placed on them by their employers.

I wonder how these athletes can perform to the best of their ability, while operating under these hostile conditions.

In situations like these, we need the support of corporate Barbados. We must unite as a people and support our athletes.