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‘Bring back gallows’

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PORT-OF-SPAIN – Justice should be served!
This was the view of several religious leaders as they joined the list of people calling for the reintroduction of the death penalty to deal with the increasing murders in the country.
Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) president Imam Hajji Abzal-Mohammed said he supported the implementation of the death penalty.
“My personal view and the view of ASJA that I represent is that we stand for justice. We believe that if the Constitution allows for the death penalty to be passed, then it should be carried out.”
Mohammed said when deliberate murder was committed, a family was deprived of a loved one. He said he himself experienced the murder of a family member, and dealing with it was not easy.
He said there were mixed views, but “some people find that it is inhumane to hang someone, and it is also inhumane to murder someone”.
He added life was sacred and only God, who gave life, should be able to take it away. He said the Qur’an, Bible and other holy books instructed followers to obey the law of the land. Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) secretary-general Satnarayan Maharaj said the SDMS was also supportive of capital punishment.
“As long as the law says it is the punishment for a crime, then so be it. If the court prescribes hanging, then it should take place.”
Reverend Mark David, a board member of the Open Bible Standard Churches of Trinidad and Tobago (OBSC), said they had not discussed the issue in church as yet, but his personal view was “if that is the law and all proper procedures have been made, then it should be implemented”.
He said the one deterrent would be if there was a “miscarriage of justice”. He said it was not right to hang an innocent person but if found guilty, justice should be served.
“If someone does the ultimate crime, they should pay the ultimate price.”
The last person to face the hangman’s noose was convicted murderer Anthony Briggs on July 28, 1999. One month before, nine members from the notorious Dole Chadee gang were hanged. (Trinidad Express)

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