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Screens keeping public informed

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Screens keeping public informed

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The Nation Publishing Company Limited is pleased to continue its partnership with Screenplay Advertising Network to further showcase its products to the public. Screenplay Advertising Network is responsible for the screens at various strategic locations across Barbados, namely supermarkets and gas stations. These interactive screens allow patrons to access information and view products in a relaxed and familiar environment. As a result of this partnership, people can now view summaries of leading news stories as well as updates on breaking news at 11 locations around the island. In addition to content being instantly uploaded to the screens, people can also follow THE NATION via its Twitter account, which will also be visible. Each screen is connected to the Internet and this will allow fresh, new content to be seen on the spot.  Screenplay Advertising Network was established in October 2009, and since March of that same year has been adding locations for their screens every month. The screens can be seen at all Super Centre outlets, 99 Convenience stores, Esso gas stations, Texaco Holetown and Texaco Kendal Hill. “Esso has the biggest screens. They are 32 and 42-inch while the other locations have 19- to 22-inch screens. The bigger screens enable people to see from a greater distance. Screenplay Advertising Network does not compete with traditional media; it is an extension. The content is to be appealing and educational for consumers,” said business development executive Shane Lewis.He also stressed that getting local news out to the public was vitally important, hence the partnership with THE NATION.“We can get international content from many sources, but the real interest is to know what is happening locally. Someone standing in a line might be more inclined to find out about Barbados. THE NATION puts out an RSS [really simple syndication] feed every day and this goes right to the screens. [Screenplay Advertising] is another useful information source for the public.“We want to be an information hub. [Screenplay Advertising] can give daily news, weekly weather and a host of other information. In five years, we hope to have screens in every major location – gyms, bars, pharmacies, and so on,” Lewis said.Marketing executive of The Nation Publishing Company Limited, Valerie Hope, said of the mutually beneficial partnership: “Our intent is to continuously find creative ways to remain engaged with our audiences and ensure that we can reach them whenever, wherever. These digital screens give us another great opportunity to leverage new media to connect with the public and highlight our leading newspaper content. As persons shop or wait in line at the digital screen locations around the island, they can keep abreast of local news, as well as get information on the products and services of leading local companies. It is a great extension of our printed newspaper product.”Screenplay Advertising Network has also partnered with The Trinidad Express newspaper, another company in the One Caribbean Media Limited group, to deliver news feeds in public spaces across the Trinidad market. (PR)