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Divide over wall

Maria Bradshaw

Divide over wall

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SOME RESIDENTS of Scotts Terrace, Grazettes, St Michael, are fearful that they will have no clear pathway to their homes because a neighbour is erecting a guard wall around her property.Beverly Babb, who has been living in the area since 1995, said the wall would inconvenience her and her family as well as the three other residents because the wall was being erected along a path they used to get to their homes.Pointing to a small grassy track next to their houses, she stated that it was now the only access they would have. She explained that sometime back, the Urban Development Commission had spoken to the residents about assisting them in purchasing the land on which they lived.“They came and took information from us but we never heard anything again,” she said, and produced a book showing that she had been paying rent to the landlord.Her son, who owns three vehicles, also expressed concern that no utility vehicle, ambulance or fire truck could get to them in an emergency.But Greene, who bought her duplex house from the National Housing Corporation (NHC) four years ago, said vehicles were never able to get to the four houses located behind her home.“They used to walk along the track behind my house, but when I asked the NHC to come and show me where my landmarks were that was when I realised that they were walking on my land.”Greene said she decided to erect the wall because one of the residents kept disrespecting her by parking indiscriminately on her parking lot behind her house. She said apart from that inconvenience she also experienced theft of items from her yard.“I just want to be able to live where I live in peace,” she stated.Greene said she would also debush the land next to her property, which was owned by the NHC and this would allow those residents who had vehicles to park there, but she said the residents would have to petition Government for a road.“I haven’t blocked anybody. It has nothing to do with me. I don’t see how I can be in the wrong for putting up my wall,” she said.