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Following her dream

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Following her dream

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Sharika Maughan’s dreams of track and field have never died since leaving Deighton Griffith Secondary School.“I ran track at school and I have always said that if I weren’t a professional athlete then I wanted to be in a profession that kept me close to my first love,” said the 21-year-old single mum.With that in mind, Sharika will pursue a degree in physical therapy in September. Currently employed at a travel agency in office administration, she said her current job was necessary to support her two-year-old daughter. The young mum was quick to admit that it wasn’t the easiest path. “I am lucky,” she admitted. “I have amazing parents, very understanding and caring, and lots of family support, but I know that some people aren’t as lucky as I. “If I could do it over again I would wait until I was older to have children because when you are young there is still so much you want to do, like partying. “All of that comes to an end, though, when you have kids because you just cannot be an irresponsible parent,” she reflected.To other young mothers, Shakira said: “Keep fighting and never give up; your kids are the best thing you’ll ever do, even though things right now may be tough.”