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Fellowship is what we need


Fellowship is what we need

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TODAY WE LIVE in a world of great ideas and great change.

When we reflect, however, we see that the greatest idea in this world is not atomic energy.

Nor is it a round trip flight to the moon; nor any of a myriad of fine and truly great ideas that have made man a colossus on this Earth, a giant among living things.

The greatest idea in the world is the idea of brotherhood.

If necessary, we can live without the other ideas, but, can you imagine what life would be like without the fraternal spirit of brotherhood?

History demonstrates that when this idea is lacking there is confusion.

Many human beings have not yet caught on to the idea of brotherhood, but speedier and more extensive communication and transportation are forcing more of us to think about it. 

In years to come, future man will study us in history books and video tapes. He will read and see the archaic, unbrotherly dinosaurs of man’s early evolving personality.

He will look back and wonder at the stupidity of our racial, national and religious prejudices.

Life is the final test. For while the idea of brotherhood is probably the greatest idea on Earth, the living out of this idea is the greatest force in the universe.

Brotherhood is the best, and most secure road to God.


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