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DEAR CHRISTINE: Christian friend let down by a ‘mongoose’

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
Greetings to you and your many readers. I do love the advice you give. I have written to you before about this issue and I do need your advice.
I’m writing on behalf of a dear friend. She is kind and just got baptised and has committed her life to God’s hands. She was involved with a guy last year, he borrowed some money from her, and that wasn’t enough.
She told me every week that this so-called mongoose of a man, would call and ask for money. After he wouldn’t pay her back, she took the matter to the police, who really tried to help her. He then told them that he never borrowed money from her.
She prayed about it and has put it before her heavenly father.
Would you believe Christine, this mongoose of a man put one of his friends to call her home, saying that her daughter was raped by a gang of boys at her school. Christine, my friend rushed to the school, only to find out what a rotten lie and terrible thing he had done.
I always say the devil has a friend to do his evil work, but God sees and knows everything.
This mongoose of a man has two daughters and look what he wished for my friend’s daughter.
Doesn’t he know that he has placed a curse on his daughters’ heads? Things might take a long time to happen but everything he did to my friend may someday come back to him.
Up until this day, he has never repaid her a cent. But she said that one day he might have to ask her for forgiveness.
Some men are such liars and are so dishonest.
– Dishonest Friend
Dear Dishonest Friend,
Faith can conquer almost anything. I would urge your friend to maintain her faith in God; and God alone. Clearly, if this man who used to be in her life cannot recognise right from wrong and honesty from dishonesty, then that’s his problem. It is hard if he cannot or will not repay even after police were called in to help resolve the situation.
Your friend must either turn to an attorney-at-law for guidance or be prepared to accept her losses. She should then get on with her life, paying attention to the proper development of her daughters. What she must strive to ensure is that these girls do not grow up to make similar mistakes.
We need to constantly learn as we live; we must also be prepared to move on after bad experiences. Your friend needs to overcome valleys in her personal relationship, recognise the errors and start a new chapter in her book of life.
– Christine