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Use cameras to catch sugar cane arsonists


Use cameras to catch sugar cane arsonists

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THE SUGAR CANE industry is on the wane, with problems from Europe with quotas because of competition from Brazil and Australia.

Also – though unusually heavy rainfalls – the yield is lower, because of the fires by arsonists.

So they are planning, and rightly so, to move to a sugar cane industry, which includes the by-products as well.

Sugar was once No.1, now it’s tourism. We’re protecting this No.1 industry by also using video cameras on the South Coast.

They are also needed on the West Coast. But even though good, they only help catch some criminals after the fact.

But we should also use cameras in the cane fields; wide-angled cameras, that can view over a wide area, to help catch those arsonists as well. This may also deter them.


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