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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Snub for two stalwarts

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TWO stalwarts with about a combined 100 years of dedication to a specific cause are wondering what they have done wrong to be slighted by this generation, after decades of giving support to George Street.
Loyalty has been paramount for both gentlemen and even if one of them spends much of his time overseas, his support has never wavered on or off these shores. Now he has lost a job that he did manfully for years, to an Italian, with not even an explanation. But he is not a hand-to-mouth personality and will survive without the pick. Although he goes back to the Barrow era, he is still very active and deserved better.
The second individual is even older, and always planted on these shores. He provided a transportation service that has now been abruptly taken away from him and given to someone known to be rooted in Roebuck Street.
Although neither Barrowite has been harping about these developments, friends close to them are saying that their loyalty and service should have counted for something.
Strangers in the ‘pew’
The Bees were buzzing at last Sunday’s “service” but amid the crowd were three noticeable faces that are usually spotted at events hosted by the other people. No one could read anything into their presence there, although a buzzer from the top echelons later warmly embraced one of them.
But who were the three? The eldest of them is in and out of Barbados frequently, and an engaging smile is never far from his face. The second one would not seem out of place on the streets of Calcutta, and the third has been a stalwart for years, even though he recently resigned from a certain institution in disgust at a particular development. More on their plans later.
Double agent
A certain operative is now under scrutiny. He has been walking a thin line between the Dees and the Bees. He has historic ties to both, although his support of Roebuck Street was much more open once upon a time. In recent times he left Roebuck Street disgruntled and headed toward George Street looking for greener pastures.
    He has got a bit but not what he expected or wanted and as a result he has started to grumble again. Now he is very close to revealing the identity of a double-agent as word reaching Cou Cou is that he is taking tales out of the school now holding sway and carrying them back to the school looking for a speedy return. Well-wishers are warning him to remember the story of the dog and the bone.
From Tobago with love
HIS navel string might not be buried in Barbados but his appointment at a vitally important institution is now being hailed widely as a brilliant stroke. He has brought about a healthy change at his work site and although his is still a work in progress, people close to the situation are saying that for the first time in decades optimism appears to be very high that things will be getting better.
Probe call
SOME are calling for an investigation at a certain  institution, especially into the specific management practices of the boss.
She has been reportedly doing things that are not all above board, and although most of those around her are somewhat long in the tooth, there are still some who are noticing what is going on.