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Double Draw winner $197 250 richer

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Double Draw winner $197 250 richer

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WHEN ERIC Belgrave showed up at the lottery office in Prescod Boulevard, Harbour Road, St Michael, yesterday he knew he had won big – but not how big.
“I thought I had won $30 000 because when I checked, the winnings had reset back to the base level,” he said.
What Belgrave did not realise was the reason the winnings had been reset was because he himself had captured the 7-spot prize of $197 250.
It was only the second time in the game’s history that someonehad correctly placed seven numbers.
Belgrave, 79, of Speightstown, St Peter, was a little overwhelmed as he waited for his winnings and said it had not “sunk in” as yet.
“This is my biggest win. I buy a ticket every day and play the same numbers but I only used to win small amounts. Now my family will get together and we will decide what to do,” he said.
Belgrave said he bought the ticket from Material Things in Speightstown, one of three outlets where he purchases tickets.