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Former AG’s stint was ‘bitter-sweet’

marciadottin, [email protected]

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This is how Government parliamentarian Adriel Brathwaite described how it felt being attorney general recently.
He told reporters yesterday that Prime Minister David Thompson’s illness, which led to the two-month appointment, had tempered his enjoyment of the post.
“ . . . I was ambivalent (about the appointment), from the point of view that what brought me to be Attorney General was the illness of our Prime Minister, and our Prime Minister is not only Prime Minister of Barbados, he’s been a friend of mine for 20-odd years,” he said.
“So there was that bitter-sweet feeling to it. But, having said that, it was an honour to serve at such a level and if offered the opportunity again in the future I would, without doubt, say yes because the best way to influence policy is to be involved in it in the decision-making process at that level.”
When Thompson went ona two-month leave of absence last July, his deputy Freundel Stuart took over the reins of government and Brathwaite was appointed attorney general – Stuart’s old portfolio.
It was Brathwaite’s first big “pick” in the government that has been in power since January, 2008.
With Thompson’s return to office, Stuart is again attorney general and Brathwaite has returned to private practice.
However, yesterday when the Council of Legal Education met at Hilton Barbados, he welcomed the legal brains from across the Caribbean on behalf of the attorney general. (TY)