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MAVIS BECKLES – Storms coming fast and furious

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The weather people could predict as duh like and talk all over duh faces as tuh what gine happen this  year as far as the hurricanes and storms are concerned, but not one o’ dem cahn tell you which month, week, or day one gine turn up.
Look at what happening now. All o’ we know dat the hurricane season does start in June evah year and one time used tuh come tuh a close sometime in October. We used tuh prepare weselves from early o’clock in May fuh the hurricane season. We use tuh prepare fuh nuff, nuff rain as we also called it the rainy season.
We used tuh get the frequent “tropical depressions” dat would build and build out there in the Atlantic Ocean and ya would have tuh keep an eye on it tuh see if one would develop into something more dangerous.
Stuck in houses
If and when it get a li’l close tuh the island, we used tuh see outside get real dark and the rains would tumble down and all over the place would be flood ’way; suh much so dat real nuff people used tuh be stuck in duh housesfuh days.
But suh far this year things ain’t too bad, ya must admit. Of course, we had some good showers earlier on in the season after a long spell of some real scorching dry days; but now it looks like the systems like duh decide dat dem hang back a little too long and it is now time fuh dem tuh let loose.
It look like all o’ dem competing fuh position. Duh cahn wait tuh show duh true colours, so evah man trying tuh get outta the gates before the season comes tuh a close. Look at it: we into September a’ready and we only down tuh G, Tropical Storm Gaston.
Right now as I write this column, it like bumper tuh bumper out there in the Atlantic and the weather people busy trying tuh keep up. Duh say dat Gaston formed Wednesday, and dat it became a tropical storm around 5 a.m. Wednesday, a few hundred miles off the African Coast.
So you see what I mean? Only the other day I hear somebody saying dat we getting some heavy downpours o’ rain, wid nuff thunder and lightning and then after the rain stop, outside does be like fire.
All o’ dat is because o’ the lot o’ traffic in the atmosphere.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.