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Mosquitoes find home in Coverley

Wade Gibbons

Mosquitoes find home in Coverley

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THE ONLY THING that mosquitoes do not have at Bowen Avenue, Coverley, Christ Church, is their own website.
Currently, they have an almost 25-foot deep hole filled with stagnant water.
Then there is the surrounding bush that provides an ideal shade for untroubled gestation and subsequent 24-hour winged frolic.
Added to this are the intruders, better known as residents, whose bodies at some stage will provide them with sumptuous fare.
But most important are the seemingly deaf ears of officials on which Millanese Mascoll and other residents’ complaints have fallen so far.
Mascoll told the SATURDAY SUN that the hole, located on the spot not far from her home, has been there for about three years and is as a result of someone digging a foundation to build, but not following through after the excavation.
“That hole always has water and the mosquitoes breed out there all the time. We have been trying to get something done about this for so long, but no one has done anything,” she said.
Mascoll said that to date she had complained to health authorities at Randall Phillips Polyclinic, the chief environmental officer and Minister of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage, Denis Lowe, but the mosquitoes still ruled.
Government has been carrying out an education programme in the face of dengue reports and has been urging Barbadians to check their premises for possible mosquito breeding places and to cover water containers such as buckets, small plastic containers and drums, or to dispose of these in a proper manner in order to reduce mosquito breeding.
Last week, Chief Medical Officer Dr Joy St John confirmed that one man had died so far for the year as a result of dengue fever.
Efforts yesterday to get a comment from health officials at Randall Phillips, as well as from Lowe, were futile up to press time.