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Angry family cry for justice

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Angry family cry for justice

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THE family of fire victim Tiffany Harding are crying out for justice and an “end to these acts of terrorism”.It’s the sixth time in five years that the Harding family of Upper Collymore Rock, St Michael, have been plunged into mourning; and yesterday both Tiffany’s brother Andre and uncle Roger were in an angry mood.“This ain’t right. I want revenge. Something has to be done when innocent people are getting killed. These are acts of terrorism. My sister was a good woman,” Andre said.Andre, 29, wants the police to apprehend those responsible for torching Campus Trendz clothing store on Friday night. That fire claimed the lives of his sister Tiffany, along with Kellisha Olliviere, Shanna Griffith, Pearl Cornelius, Kelly-Ann Welch and Nikita Belgrave.“I want to see the police become more proactive. They just can’t wait for things to happen. What happened Friday night was not right. People are crying out for justice. We need action and not talk.”In the last five years Andre has lost his mother, three cousins, an aunt, and now a sister.Roger was seething with anger.“I loved her. She was my heart. A good woman. She was the best. I want to come face to face with those responsible for her death. I want justice.”Gandmother Cicely Harding was too hurt to speak, but both she and cousin Trica Chase said that Tiffany was fun-loving and would be badly missed.Tiffany was shopping in the one-door store on Tudor Street when two men robbed it before setting it ablaze.A former student of Alleyne School, Tiffany, 23, worked at a bakery in Black Rock. (MK)