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Our online readers are outraged

marciadottin, [email protected]

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BARBADIANS REACTED with outrage, horror and tears as news of the six who died in the Tudor Street, Bridgetown store on Friday sank in yesterday.From the wee hours of yesterday morning, comments flew fast and furious on after the SATURDAY SUN broke the story online Friday night. Most online readers called for the death penalty, while others simply expressed condolences.Still others basically said “I told you so”, as they lamented the lack of safety and security measures in and around some City business houses.Here are some of the views expressed on• With the crime rate in Barbados going out of control, how could Mr Brathwaite who was Acting Attorney General say that Barbados should not resume hanging? When last was anyone convicted (sic) on a murder charge? I would like to know what Mr Brathwaite would say to the families who lost their relatives in this horrible crime.• I was saddened to hear that so many people died in the fire. My thoughts are with their families. God bless.• This is so very tragic.  It is beyond comprehension right now how these young people lost their lives so senselessly.  • I am not one for capital punishment, but on this occasion the persons responsible for this heinous act deserve to be hanged!  These young men of today do not want to work and make a decent living. They want the niceties but they would rather rob and kill first. What kind of children are we raising?
• This is so sad. I cannot believe that this is my Barbados.
• This is heartless. I don’t believe that these people were born from a woman• I never believed in the death penalty, but this is one I have to reconsider. To those heartless criminals, God is not sleeping. You will be caught and I hope you rot in jail. To those families, be strong. God is with you. I’m so sorry for your loss.• These people were honestly trying to earn a dollar bill to support their family. And these two men take their lives just like that! This is ridiculous; and they want hanging! To the families, my condolences.• It’s easy to say hang, but on what grounds? An eye for an eye? What happens when we charge the wrong people? What makes us different from the criminals? Because as a “mob” we can justify our killings?• People are working hard to pay bills and these would-be robbers are running about causing havoc! Give the police all your assistance in this and any other matter. (RJ)