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DEAR CHRISTINE – You never know if he is lying

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,I never thought I would have written to you about my problem. It started about two years ago. A woman called my house and said she was there and slept in my bed many nights with my husband.Christine, I ignored her and changed my phone number. I believed my husband, when he said it never ever happened. Two months ago, I found my cheating husband in our house with a young woman. I believed every lie he told me. I am writing this letter, to let other women out there know not to believe everything their man says. Don’t completely ignore women who say your man is cheating, because you never know, it could save your life. I took a HIV/AIDS test and tested positive. My marriage is over and so is my life. Please ladies, don’t be the next victim.
– HURT Dear HURT,I am sorry to hear of the end results of your union, but urge that you do not take it as total gloom. Yes, while your marriage may be over, you need to act quickly to ensure your life continues. With the necessary guidance from the doctors and other health professionals, there is now medication available to help your situation. Remain full of hope, be positive and expect only the best. Please read up on information about people who have had a similar plight, join support groups and be guided by those who can help you. Also, put your trust in God.