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Parish tourney ends in tie

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Parish tourney ends in tie

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ST THOMAS and Christ Church shared the honours in the parish round-robin format of the Barbados Tourism Association-sponsored Badminton In Barbados Tournament.
Both teams finished tied with nine wins and six losses and scores of four.
St Michael were second with a losing 7-8 record and a -1 score, while St Lucy brought up the rear with -5 points, losing ten matches and winning five.
St Thomas and Christ Church both beat St Lucy 4-1 and while Christ Church edged St Michael 3-2, St Thomas found themselves at the losing end of the 3-2 result against St Michael.
In the head-to-head clash, St Thomas edged Christ Church 3-2.
Participants were randomly placed into groups and given the names of four parishes.
A combination of doubles and mixed doubles teams played five games against other parishes within the round-robin format. 
Two games were played and the cumulative score decided the winner of the game to be added to the team’s score.
St Lucy 3, St Michael 2
Ryan Holder/Kauren Haywood vs Slaim Bhikha/Mikeila Carrington 13-21, 21-19.
Kevin Wood & Shae Martin vs Sabeel Foster/Garbo Kwok 21-16, 13-21.
Lotte Musker/Liza Parker vs Chloe Ackerman/Natalie Morley 21-17, 21-9.
Narinder Dhaliwal/Remko Saalbrink vs Joly Chiu/Daniel Henry 20-21, 19-21.
Paresh Paw/Bruno Forbes vs Stephan Schubert/Sarah Hardaker 21-20, 21-11.
St Thomas 3, Christ Church 2
Corey Fanus/Mariama Eastmond vs Nicholas Reifer/Sabrina Scott 16-21, 18-21.
Damien Howell/Karen Sauermilch vs Dave Forde/Frank Ravalier 21-12, 15-21.
Louise Taitt/Arlene Mitcham vs Helen Bartlett/Katie Newman 17-21, 21-20.
Eluned Pritchard/Sonu Singh vs Kamilla Fronczek/David Bates 18-21, 21-10.
Chee Man/Nicholas De Cuyper vs Mark Phillips/Donna Kellogg 14-21, 16-21.
Christ Church 3, St Michael 2
Ryan Holder/Liza Parker vs Corey Fanus/Nicholas De Cuyper 21-12, 21-10.
Lauren Haywood/Kevin Wood vs Mariama Eastmond/Damien Howell 12-21, 21-17.
Shae Martin/Lotte Musker vs Karen Sauermilch/Louise Taitt 18-21, 7-21.
Bruno Forbes/Narinder Dhaliwal vs Arlene Mitcham/Eluned Pritchard 21-14, 21-19.
Remko Saalbrink/Paresh Paw vs Sonu Singh/Chee Man 7-21, 7-21.
St. Thomas 4, St Lucy 1
Salim Bhikha/Sarah Hardaker vs Nicholas Reifer/Donna Kellogg 11-21, 12-21.
Mikeila Cariington/Sabeel Foster vs Sabrina Scott/Dave Forde 14-21, 11-21.
Garbo Kwok/Chloe Ackerman vs Frank Ravalier/Helen Bartlett 14-21, 20-21.
Natalie Morley/Joly Chiu vs Katie Newman/Kamilla Fronczek 16-21, 10-21.
Daniel Henry/Stefan Schubert vs David Bates/Mark Phillips 17-21, 14-21.
St Michael 3, St Thomas 2
Ryan Holder/Kevin Wood vs Nicholas Reifer/Frank Ravalier 20-21, 21-17.
Lotte Musker/Remko Saalbrink vs Helen Bartlett /David Bates 5-21, 8-21.
Narinder Dhaliwal/Bruno Forbes vs Kamilla Fronczek/Donna Kellogg 20-21, 21-18.
Paresh Paw /Shae Martin vs Mark Phillips/Sabrina Scott 11-21, 14-21.
Lauren Haywood/Liza Parker vs Dave Forde/Katie Newman 21-14, 21-9.
Christ Church 4, St Lucy 1
Salim Bhikha/Garbo Kwok vs Corey Fanus/Karen Saurmilch 21-18, 20-21.
Chloe Ackerman/Daniel Henry vs Louise Taitt/Sonu Singh 9-21, 11-21.
Joly Chiu/Sarah Hardaker vs Eluned Pritchard/Nicholas De Cuyper 17-21, 19-21.
Stephan Schubert/Mikeila Carrington vs Chee Man/Mariama Eastmond 9-21, 16-21.
Sabeel Foster/Natalie Morley vs Damien Howell/Arlene Mitcham 11-21, 16-21. (SAT/PR)