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STYLE FILE: She’s a classy chic

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STYLE FILE: She’s a classy chic

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How would you define your personal style? My personal style is “classy chic”. I love the classic lines in a cocktail dress or European tailored suits. I love haute couture gowns but will also rock slim-fit jeans with a one-shoulder top. A female should show her best sensual asset such as great shoulders or a well-defined back.Do you find that you follow fashion trends or do you play by your own rules?I never was one to follow a trend. I think I’ve been wearing big hoop earrings from age 16 until now and I was born in high heels. I feel like a duck in flats and this big hair is staying.Has your fashion sense changed over the years or has it remained the same?That could be a yes or no answer, as the years rolled on; one must be cognisant of one’s age. After 40 and now heading 50, I feel a woman should pack in the really skimpy shorts and skirts, those are for the youth. Please don’t get me wrong . . . I will not be wearing long sleeves, high-neck long dresses like a nun but I believe it’s important to know your age and social status.Are there any colours that you tend to shy away from, and if so, why?Pastels or overly bright fluorescent colours or bright reds and pink lipsticks, I stay away from. It makes me look like a clown or Christmas tree. As you age, too-bright lips make you look older especially if you have wrinkles on the lipline.As a child, were you always into clothes or did you grow into your own fashion sense?I always loved clothes and fashion. Being in the beauty and health industry for over 29 years and working in media doing makeup for fashion and pageants strengthened that even more.How does your day-to-day life factor into your wardrobe choices?It doesn’t. I wear black scrubs (though black is my favourite colour) to work. But when the weekend comes and some great lime or jazz is on, I’ll break out the heels, strappy dresses or tops. There’s nothing wrong with being “overdressed”.Are there any designers that you like to wear or whose clothing stands out with you?If I was a guy I’d wear local designer Rojo — he is class. But I’m not into all the top international designer wear as they are atrociously expensive. There’s nothing wrong with department store clothing. If they fit well all you need to do is accessorise and use less expensive brand names such as Aldo or Steve Madden. A lot of our local designers are brilliant but they are not exported.
Cherie’s style tips
What four things should every woman have in her closet?
1. The ever noted little black cocktail dress            2. A great tailor-made suit for interviews3. A shoe rack full of heels4. Bags, scarves, and a drawer full of accessories