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Decline in law and order, says Dean

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Decline in law and order, says Dean

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DEAN Frank Marshall of the Cathedral says last weekend’s gruesome murders are just part of a steady decline in respect for law and order.
Marshall made it clear yesterday that there were many others in this country who were contributing to the social malaise.
The Dean told the DAILY NATION there was a much wider issue than the apprehension of two villains responsible for the deaths of six young women in a City blaze.
“There are other areas in which two people may not do things as vicious, but which we see law and order and decency under threat and we need to address that.
“Decency, dignity, the appreciation of the sacredness of humanity – these things are being eroded and hence, the negative consequences that we are seeing, it is getting worse in terms of the level of viciousness and the degree of insanity that affect our society,” he said.
Stressing his “deep abhorrence” of the vicious act that resulted in the deaths of the young women, the Dean said he wanted to see the entire society in a rehabilitative state of mind.
“The church is praying for justice but as one seeks justice, one wants reform as well. Reform in the personalities of those who are the perpetrators of evil and generally to have our society in a rehabilitative state of mind.”
Marshall said that many people seemed to have lost their way and spiritual upliftment.
“Our whole thought pattern is one that denies the existence of God and the sacredness of life and the elements of decency, dignity and care.
“It’s a matter which we as a nation need to deliberate upon because it does concern us all as to how we can redeem the situation.”
Pastor Eliseus Joseph of the Apostolic Teaching Centre said last Friday’s arson and murder was an act of terrorism that had to be condemned.
“Justice must be served. This is unheard of in Barbados. I hope it is never repeated.”
Joseph noted that on Sunday his church said prayers for the family of the victims. He added it was important that the two villains be apprehended soon.
“One of the things that I believe in is when justice is not served speedily, it is left to people to increase wickedness in the earth.
“What we are praying for is that this issue will be dealt with speedily so that the punishment of these two persons will be used as a deterrent for those who contemplate such a crime.”