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Looking for that special someone

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
I READ your columns daily. You are doing a fantastic job helping people in need. I never thought that one day I would end up writing to you, but here I am.
My girlfriend migrated overseas last year. I have been lonely since. She has gotten on with her life so I think it is time to get on with mine.
Trouble is: I am somewhat of a loner, not a party animal, am a workaholic, don’t socialise much, don’t know how to pick up women, am not a womaniser but a one-woman man, travel frequently on business. And the majority of people I meet are through work, so I really need your help in locating my soulmate.
I was told  “No man ever treated me as good as you” so I know how to treat and take care of a good woman.
The qualities I am looking for (which I also possess) are: extra special, one-man woman, non-smoker, non-drug-user, disease free, no kids yet but would like to have some, healthy, fairly attractive, intelligent, honest, faithful, trustworthy, loving, caring, looking for life-long companionship, employed, a homemaker.
Christine, Keep up the good work.
– B.T.