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Cruel thing to do to a woman

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
My name is Anna and I’m a teenager who attends secondary school. I came across your column Friend Let Down By A Mongoose, on September 1. As I continued to read it, I felt so sad and unhappy about the lady who had a friendship with the man who borrowed her money and then denied it.
Don’t worry lady. What he sow he will reap, sooner than you think.
Christine, why would a man who was a friend do something so horrible, as to call her home, telling her that her daughter was raped at school. He’s not a man at all. He is indeed a “mangoose”, not a mongoose.
As it mentioned he has two daughters – not sons but daughters. Christine, I always heard my grandmother say do good and good will follow you wherever you go. Do evil things and it will follow you the same way.
I think that “mangoose” of a man need to do right before it’s too late to confess his sins before God and ask God to forgive him for what he has done to that lady.
He has no right at all to use his friend to call and say that terrible cruel thing. Rape is something you never want to put on anyone.
What have you done, now your daughters will be the ones that are targeted for rape. It will surely come back to you or your seed.
Please, I know what I am talking about. Get down on your knees and please ask God to forgive you and confess your sins before it’s too late. Do it now. If not you are doom. Remember Jesus is coming.
– Anna
Dear Anna
You made an important statement in your letter about “what you sow you shall reap”.
I hope for his children’s sake that this evil man repent for his sinful ways.
Remember judgement day.