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No-good cheating wife

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
I would like to add to that cheating, disrespectful, no good wife, if she has any respect for her husband, she would not put another man’s picture in her purse in the first place.
I suspect the car she is driving belongs to him. I saw them together. Dear tell me – you have a husband who gives you whatever you want and still you horning him? How do you feel sleeping alongside your husband at night knowing you are cheating on him and pretending that all is well?
You should always remember the marriage vows that you took at the altar. You know what your husband did for you and the kids. You never want for anything. I see it with my own eyes when I come there with you.
I only hope that man opens his eyes and see what you did to your husband, knowing you will do the same to him. He will drive your car someday, get tired of you, put down your car and find someone else – trust me.
Never forget the bridge you pass, you will regret one day. What a foolish thing you did.
– P
Dear P
Cheating has always been the recipe for problems. If this woman does not change her style of behaviour, well, surely she will end up like the merry-go-around – going in circles.
I hope she recognises this letter and decides to change her lifestyle.