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Record rainfall

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Records at the Meteorological Office at the Grantley Adams International Airport show that rainfall collected there this month has already surpassed the average for September.
And the rainfall over the past two days equalled the September average.
Clairmonte Williams, Acting Senior Meteorologist at GAIA, said the airport had recorded 145.2 mm of rainfall  over the two days as the southern portion of the country continued to be drenched, because of a lower level trough which was affecting the island.
From 8 a.m. yesterday morning the island was placed under a flood warning, which remained in effect until 4 p.m. and numerous calls for rescue were recorded in the Christ Church area.
Williams said the recording showed that there had been a high amount of rainfall already for September, which was comparable and in some cases higher than average.
“That is very significant, that is almost the rainfall that you would get for the whole month of September,” he stated, noting that the average for the month was usually in the region of about 6 inches.
The senior meteorologist said they had recorded 170.7 mm which was equivalent to about 6.7 inches
“September has already surpassed its average. There would have been years where we would have had the same – but this September is above average.
 “Last year was relatively quiet, in terms of hurricane activity, and towards the latter part of last year the drought conditions started, but so far this year we are definitely above average,” he noted.
The Department of Emergency Management was also called to respond in the southern areas.
Simon Alleyne from the DEM, reported that they had had  “tons of reports in the South”, with most calls coming from Enterprise, Durants, Graeme Hall Park, Lowlands and the Maxwell Coast Roads.
Alleyne said they were once again making the call not to litter the roads and to clear all drains regularly.
“The reality is that there is a lot of litter and when it gets into the suck wells it blocks drains, and with the high level of construction, the rocks and  debris will also block them,” he stated.
Today is expected to experience more rain from “unsettled conditions” remaining over the southern parts of the island.
 The condition is expected to run into weekend, so Barbadians are still being advised to travel with their umbrellas.