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Sombre Pile Bay as nation reflects

marciadottin, [email protected]

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A sombre mood gripped the usually busy Pile Bay yesterday as the nation observed three minutes of silence for the six young women who perished in a fire on September 3.
There was very little movement in the area generally or at the house where one of the victims, Shanna Griffith, lived.
Griffith’s parents Stanley Phillips and Sherry Griffith and brother Shane decided to spend the time of observance alone. 
Quiet time
The grieving father said: “We will just be here quiet.”
As the clock struck noon, tears settled in the eyes of Shanna’s grief-stricken mother, who buried her face in her hands.
Outside the house a mechanic ceased his work to join in the period of “pause and prayer”. 
As sirens signalled the end of the three-minute period, they all returned to their normal activities. (LK)