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SWIMMING UPSTREAM: A mirror image to boast about?

Kammie Holder

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What mirror image do you have, and are you happy with what is reflected? Is the mirror image that of an educated, informed, creative and independent Barbadian? Can you honestly say yes?
Did you do the right thing today? Why in the year 2010 do we have six young people in the prime of their lives dying because the Town Planning Department or the Barbados Fire Service may have been less than diligent?
We cannot allow this to be another Arch Cot, and families of these victims will be encouraged to seek redress via a civil suit, if the law permits. Did any Government institutions fail to enforce the law?
Thus, I ask these institutions what’s their mirror image? Tell us it’s not selective enforcement or complacency? Those with voices must speak for the voiceless.
After being tossed about with screaming passengers on a British Airways plane in thunderstorms 62 two miles east of Barbados, I arrived at Grantley Adams International Airport from London, only to have to walk through the rain to Immigration.
Are we visionless or have no concern for lost productivity due to delays caused by rain? What image are we sending as a tourist destination and aviation hub?
Same old, same old. Commissioners of police always complain about not having enough men. What about creatively making do with what you have? Why in 2010 do we still have our friends and protectors the police standing on a highway in the hot sun trying to catch traffic violators?
Is this not the same Police Force that has one or two riot suppression vehicles nicknamed The Pig sitting idly by at District “A”?
Are we to believe it’s a case of not knowing how to spend money and embrace technology to provide visual patrolling? Is this the mirror image we want of the best Police Force in the world?
• Kammie Holder, was glad to see Barbados Customs Ofiicer also searching white tourists. Kudos! Contact me via Facebook.