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Loving memory

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Loving  memory

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Thousands of Barbadians yesterday mourned the loss of six lives in last week’s firebombing of a Tudor Street, Bridgetown store.
In churches, in homes, businesses and on the street people paused to observe three minutes of silence for the victims of a tragedy that stunned the nation.
On Tudor Street, hundreds of people took part in the ceremony, some of them arriving with flowers and balloons as they stayed behind the barricades which still block people from the burnt-out Campus Trendz clothing store.
The businesses on this street where the tragic incident took place also closed briefly, observing the three minutes of silence.
The St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral was packed as people came out to pay their respects during the service held immediately after the period of silence in remembrance of the victims – Pearl Cornelius, Shanna Griffith, Nikkita Belgrave, Kelly-Ann Welch, Tiffany Harding and Kellishaw Ollivierre.
Monsignor Harcourt Blackett, delivering the homily, said the tragedy must not be seen as a “nine-day wonder and then be forgotten”. He urged Barbadians to build a “civilisation of love”.
In Pile Bay, St Michael, where Griffith lived, there was a sombre mood as residents paused to observe the three minutes of silence.
At Lodge Hill, St Michael, the event attracted the attention of the minibus and ZR drivers, who pulled their vehicles neatly to the left and dutifully observed the period.
Stopped vehicles
On many streets, motorists stopped their vehicles when the Barbados Fire Service and the Royal Barbados Police Force announced the start of the silent period with the howling of sirens.
Businesses also joined in the observance as many not only stopped for the required period but also had inspirational presentations afterwards.
Schools across the island also participated in the event.
Government had urged all Barbadians to observe the “pause and pray” programme.
In a message to the fire victims carried by the Press yesterday, Government said: “This promise we make: True Barbados will always remember you.”
One week after the tragedy, police have not been able to announce any progress in investigations. (TY/CT/LK)