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Trainer on the mend

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Trainer on the mend

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Popular personal trainer Everad ‘Evy’ Bentham, who was involved in an accident on Kadooment Day, is on the mend. 
He told the Saturday Sun: “The progress is coming slowly. I cannot put my foot down. I am able to walk using crutches. however, I spend the greater part of most days in bed with my leg elevated.” 
For someone who is accustomed to being active, this is an especially difficult time. “I have to keep self-occupied by reading, watching movies, etc,” said Bentham, who is undergoing physiotherapy.
However, he is anxious to get back on his feet. “Teaching and training is something I love and would wish to continue to do; it will just take some time. Work is a long way off as I need to first get back movement and strength and learn how to walk again.”
Broken bone
He noted that though a broken bone usually took eight to ten weeks to heal, muscle atrophy and loss of range of motion would cause recuperation time to vary.
“I cannot just go back out and be the same. My classes are very high-impact and high-energy. That is not something I can do in the immediate future, considering I can barely wiggle my toes,” he said.
Bentham was involved in an accident on Kadooment Day, in which he and two female companions were struck by a vehicle.
In recounting the incident, Bentham said, “I just remember a searing pain in my leg at the time of impact. Then I was dragged a little ways and slammed into the ground.”
The two females were also dragged by the vehicle and suffered soft tissue damage and lacerations. They, too, are undergoing physiotherapy for their injuries. (LK)