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DEAR CHRISTINE: Woman taking him for ride

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
I’m writing this letter hoping that a soon-to-be-divorce man would see it.
Christine, this man is in a relationship with a woman who has no regard for him. This woman works in the same institution as I do and is involved with a man at our workplace.
She comes in early on mornings before most staff members and do her own thing in what she thinks is a hideout at work.
Christine, she fought hand and foot to be reassigned to another department to be with an old flame.
This woman says that although she insults this man he would not stop coming at her home, and all she wants now is to get as much as she can from him before she tells him to go.
Christine, this woman forgot that she has a son. This man is very decent and most of us at work wonder why he is divorcing his wife for her. I was tempted to post this letter to his house but I fear he might show her.
Christine, this man is planning, from all reports to marry this woman later in the year.
You might ask why I wrote this letter, but I have a conscience. She confided in me and told me that she just built a house after her former lover sold his property and gave her the money. Now all that man can do is drive pass and look.
It’s only a matter of time before this man realises who he is dealing with.
Christine your column has saved the day for many people.
May God bless you.
– Concerned FRIEND
Dear Concerned Friend,
Your concern for this man is touching and I trust that it is only your conscience at work here and no other motivation.
If your conscience pricks you so much you should speak to your friend about her behaviour and appeal to her conscience to do the right thing.
You need to tell your friend that it is wrong for her to be carrying on an affair with a co-worker while still planning to get married to someone else. Where is her self-respect?
You need to point out to her that she needs to have more pride in herself as a woman and as a mother.
You also need to remind her that in the same way she uses this man who wants to marry her, she is being used as a plaything by her lover at work.  And it says a lot about her colleague’s character that he would want to be intimate with a woman at his workplace knowing full well that she will soon be  getting married.
I note that the man your friend is marrying has left his wife for this woman. Did he have an affair with your friend while living with his wife? If so, that says something too about this husband-to-be, and could in part explain your friend’s lack of respect for him
Your friend is on a path to her own destruction, though she may not realise it. It will be a challenge to influence her to change her ways, but it is never too late to do the right thing.
– Christine