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UWI ‘tops’ in AIDS fight

Mike King

UWI ‘tops’ in AIDS fight

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THE University of the West Indies (UWI) has stood tall in the fight against AIDS and providing an environment in which the equality of men and women is respected, says acting principal of the Cave Hill Campus, Eudine Barriteau.
She made this claim yesterday at the start of a two-day symposium on HIV And Human Rights In The Caribbean at the Cave Hill Campus.
“The university is committed to providing an environment in which the equality of men and women is respected, where neither sexist behaviour nor gender-based discrimination is countenanced, and in which proactive attention is given to protecting all students from coercive sex.
“The university also recognises its responsibility to provide its female and male students and staff with such gender-sensitive programmes. This is to ensure that they are aware not only of the rights and vulnerabilities of others, but that they are also aware of the HIV and AIDS-related implications of sexual abuse and violence, which affect women predominantly,” she said.
Barriteau said it was the university’s intention to access appropriate medical and other therapy for any of our members who were subjected to sexual violence.
“I can assure you that the university will accept no barriers to women or men being able to obtain protection against the spread of HIV, including condoms or educational materials,” she said.
Barriteau said that the university understood how vital education was in the fight against AIDS.
“We believe education offers a very successful set of strategies for confronting, containing and eventually overcoming the discriminations that erode the human rights of persons living with HIV and AIDS . . . .”